Association of Icelandic Geographers

The Association of Icelandic Geographers was formed in 1991 when two smaller geographical societies joined forces. Today we estimate that there are between 400-500 geographers in Iceland, most of whom have graduated from the University of Iceland and many with further education from abroad. Most of them are our members.

The association used to publish its own geographical journal, “Landabréfið” (“The Map Sheet”) was established in 1979 and initially served as a newsletter for the geography community of Iceland. Over the years it has evolved into a scholarly journal and was for several years a fully peer reviewed publication which you find in the archives of this website. Landabréfið is currently not published.

The Association arranges an annual conference, as well as several social gatherings, meetings and lectures and other events, intended for geographers and all who are interested in our subject.

All geographers and geography students in Iceland and beyond are welcome to join the association. The general working language of the association is Icelandic.